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“By calling in CGV, we keep our regular partners on their toes. Now they will never forget that we want the best for our customers and staff. CGV works for us like an external certification agency.”
Every staff party is an undertaking in itself. There are plenty of players offering their services on the catering market. Which one do you ask to organize your party? Have they thought of everything? Can I trust that everything will be taken care of down to the smallest detail?
That is why together with the PR manager who organizes the event we go out to look for the right partners. Thanks to our unique and extensive network, which has been built up over many years of experience, we can rule out all risks and sidestep the pitfalls. Depending on what message you want to put across with your event, we will select the best people in the business; people we can rely on to make everything go smoothly; people who think of everything, of every detail.
We will gladly assist the PR manager with expert advice and support.

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