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“The restaurant had been completely refurbished, and the open kitchen was an important feature of the layout. However, complaints began to come in from day one. Customers who sat too close to the kitchen complained about the noise. We were able to solve this problem by putting up a glass partition. Contact between the chef and the customers remained. There was no more noise, and no more complaints.”
The design of your establishment is an important key to success. The furnishing determines the atmosphere. Equally important, though, if not more important, is the practical arrangement of the interior.
How will customers move about your establishment? Where do you put the bar so that customers and staff don’t keep bumping into each other? Is the kitchen efficiently laid out? Is easy communication possible with the dining room?
Build or rebuild?
Let’s take a look at the plans together with the architect. Our experience can help you to avoid practical problems in the future.

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